Planning my Spring Wardrobe

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ring from cos // earrings from h&m // coat from & other stories // lipstick from lipstick queen // pants from monki // boots from office // bag from topshop

When it comes to fashion I try to plan my purchases ahead of time. I have limited wardrobe space, I’m on a student budget and of course; my mind is always looking for something new. Figuring out the pieces that you need and that are classic is something I find difficult – because I always seem to find better versions of what I already have and end up with many items that are not being used as much as I would like. Especially in the winter when it’s cold, rainy and windy – I end up having a few warm sweaters and pants on rotation.

This spring, my list was and is; 

  • the perfect pair of straight legged, cropped black pants
  • fitted black boots with a raised calf
  • the perfect nude lipstick
  • a small black bag that works for both daytime and going out
  • oversized earrings
  • more dainty and delicate rings
  • a simple coat (not black!)
  • granny style pumps (post coming!)
  • black fitted polo


Do you plan your purchases at all or are you an impulse shopper?





I’m so busy these days with uni work and extra curricular work that in the late evenings I try to just chill out, turn my brain off and browse through my go-to websites for editorials. How lovely is the model in this editorial from U+MAG? I’m in awe of her eyebrows, facial structure, lips… She’s gorgeous. And speaking of gorgeous, I’m loving many of the looks being shown right now at couture fashion week, can’t wait to do a summary post. For now, here’s Topsy-Turvy.

Photography: THOMAS CARLÀ
Make-up & Hair: SARA BUSAN


images via U+MAG

That’s a Room Full of Good-Looking People

This has to be one of the best dressed award events I’ve seen in a long time; everyone looked so fab! The event was the Zalando Nordic Fashion Blogger Awards, held in Copenhagen. Can you tell us Scandinavians are into black? I’m especially loving male blogger winner, Finnish Mikko Puttonen‘s skinny scarf. Inspiration for days!

images via Polheim PR

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What Were They Wearing: Street Style SS16 RTW Edition

Today in class, we touched on a topic that made me think of street style in a different way. Fashion is not something that is a necessity for us, at all. We could live without fashion and trends. Sounds gloomy for someone wanting to go into that particular industry, as we all like to think there is a purpose to our labour. However, fashion is what allows us to be inspired everyday. It is something that forces us to perhaps think about who we are, because it is one of the first thing people will notice. So, how do you want to be portrayed? How do you want people to see you, who do you want to attract? To repel? These questions will inevitably make you consider who you are as a person. Thus, fashion is a part of forming ones identity, and what might seem so mundane and useless at first becomes something worth investing time and thought into.

This is why I love street style. It may be a circus of individuals wanting a minute in the spotlight, but the personalities of the people shine through. You can tell a lot by looking at someones stylistic choices, you can relate and feel inspired by just one photograph. Here are my favourite looks from this seasons city streets during the biggest fashion weeks!


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A captured moment is perhaps my favourite style of images within the vast and unlimited categorical specter of photography. Photographs that rely little on the environment and more on the individuals facial expression, the shape of their bodies and the moment they are in reveal so much more than any fancypants ANTM type of shoot. They are generally more enjoyable for me, and as a pretty basic person (no need to front) I can relate a whole lot more to personalized images that set a mood than a dolled up celebrity captured by the likes of LaChapelle (which in their own way can be beautiful as well).

This set is a pretty accurate description of my week so far, haha.

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❤ Inghild

One to Watch: WÅVEN

Denim has a long history, but also a bright future. Traditionally, denim was a central garment in male dominated industries for their durability and easy-care qualities. It’s a characteristic that still lingers in my head when I think of denim. It’s a bit tough and a bit raw, but can be softened and redesigned in the most amazing ways.

Wåven is the brain child of Anika Islam, who spent months coming up with the concept for a denim based brand. She wanted the designs to tell a story, for it to be more than just denim as we know it. After an extremely brief stint at Central Saint Martin’s where she felt she did not belong or relate to what the other students were doing, she decided to just dive into it and start her own company. Anika understands denim. Her family has been in the denim industry for many years, and for her it’s one of the most fascinating textiles. This definately shows. All the pieces looks carefully thought out – the dyes and the fit, the detailing and the shapes.

Comprising of considered men’s and women’s garments, WÅVEN is a modernist brand focusing on clean simplistic lines. Utilising two generations of denim manufacturing expertise, WÅVEN blends references from architecture, the arts, and geometry – translating these ideals into a range of finely tuned denim with perfected fits and finishes (Wåven Facebook)

The designs appears to follow the same design aesthetics and ethos I am familiar with; that of Scandinavia. Minimal, simple cuts that emphasizes comfort and quality. Wåven has a really beautiful expression of denim and other cotton textiles that is unlike other denim rooted brands on the market, and I’m really excited to see more from them!

Some shots from Wåven SS15 lookbook; shop online at their website.7

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Pink is one of those colours that looks beautiful but holds no place in my wardrobe. The closest to a pink item I ever owned was a grey-ish pink cocoon coat that sadly succumbed to the red wine Gods as a friend didn’t pay close enough attention to her glass. I would however love to own a skirt like that bright pink Jil Sander maxi skirt from SS 2011 that you can see in the first set!

6  4 3 2 15

One to Watch: L.W.B. by LIFEwithBIRD

This label has been popping up on my radar for the last couple of months, suddenly it’s kind of everyone online. L.W.B. stands for LIFEwithBIRD and it is the “classics” range, a sub-label if you will, of Australian based brand LIFEwithBIRD.

LIFEwithBIRD is a fashion label created by designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner. The former has the industry in her blood, as her mother was a successful designer, while her sister is currently working as a designer for her own label. Van Messner’s mother taught architecture at Parson’s in New York. McCall started working as a stylist and photographer, and eventually met with Van Messner who studied fashion design at the time. Together, they formed LIFEwithBIRD in 2002, and later L.W.B. in 2011.

L.W.B. provides a clean, crisp and structured point of view – a more classic approach than LIFEwithBIRD focusing on everyday basics. For me, there are clear influences by architectural shapes, and perhaps some from McCall’s time as a photographer. You can shop the looks and read more on their website

L.W.B. AW15aw15 2 aw15 1

L.W.B. SS15ss15

L.W.B. SS14ss14

Designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messnerpeopleall images from their website and social media

My Must-Have Item: White Shirt

Hello, everyone!

I was approached by a fellow blogger to write a post about a must-have item in my wardrobe. Although I have a few, the one item that gets the most wear is my white cotton shirt from Danish label Samsøe & Samsøe. Hop on over to Everyday Facts to see different ways I like to style it!

Photos by Mona Şoşa.

Just Female Spring 2015 Lookbook

I used to work part-time in a small retail store in Oslo before I moved to London, where we mainly sold Scandinavian brands. Among them was Danish label Just Female, which quickly became one of my favourite Scandi brands. They create fresh and cool garments with a Scandinavian perspective, making the designs simple, stylish and comfortable. This season is a bit sporty and mixes textures beautifully.

I want everything.

Selected looks from Just Female Spring 201551 2 3 4 

images via Just Female and Storheil Agenturer