So I have mentioned this before, but I’m obsessed with fruit and plant photography.  In high school, I won a photography award for a series of images I took, comparing parts of the human body to plant life, lining the images up next to each other to highlight the similarities. I just love how the colours and texture appear on a film roll or digitally created in a studio. In LA I stopped by the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition at the Getty and one of the rooms was dedicated to his botanical photography and they were just so. beautiful. and kicked my obsession back into gear. A lot of them were just up-close macro images of orchids – the stems, the leaves, the flowers and the textures look so interesting and sexy.

Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography1Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography2Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography4Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography3

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I’m a busy busy bee these days finalising my last hand in’s and BA dissertation for university. I’ve specialised in branding and social media this last year, something that is becoming increasingly interesting the more I read about it; there’s so much psychology involved and strategic planning behind good accounts. On top of this I landed a great placement doing digital strategies and social media and it’s sooo relieving that I feel excited to go to work. Sometimes you think you love doing something and once you get it it feels different, grass is greener etc. but thankfully that’s not the case! Soon, job hunting starts and I have to start adulting (yikes).

Anyway sun is shining and in just a week I will have officially graduated uni! Any tips for a new graduate? 

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Break on Through (To The Other Side)

Anna Ewers is perfect for this shoot by Ryan McGinley for Stern Mode Magazine (SS16). I love her charisma and presence mixed with the gorgeous locations and styling; which gives off this 70’s vagabond feeling. It’s like a modern day 70’s story; complete with a soundtrack from The Doors.

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Self Portrait


I love the warm lighting in these shots from Self Portrait’s new Spring/Summer 2016 campaign that I found over at Fashion Copious. Slowly counting down the days for summer!

Photography by Lea Colombo


Meet Cheesedal


Cheesedal is a Korean online retail store that proves how important good styling of product shots can be. I’m all the way over in Europe, drooling over clothes that I don’t even think I can buy! The way they pan out the photography and styling is amazing – it’s as though they do mini-editorials or lookbooks for each and every item. E-commerce like this can make the customer stay for a long time – you just want to stick around and look at the pictures and be inspired. It’s much appreciated in these times when most online stores, especially the big retailers, do kind of drab product shots.

Have a look yourself at the website, or have a look at some of the stylish photography below!


Asylum by Léa Gendrot for mon Dieu


I wanted to share this editorial I discovered on mon Dieu’s Instagram page, and also recommend that you have a browse around their website. It’s an inspiring page (founded in Norway), full of editorials, art, photography, music and blogs – really worth checking out!

As for this editorial, I’ve always been drawn to a kind of clinical and sickly aesthetic vibe (I was obsessed with Girl, Interrupted as a teen). It’s a nice juxtaposition to have these clean and sterile environments but have the focus be on fashion and these beautiful people. Also, it’s a bit ironic and humorous; these shallow possessions can drive you nuts!

Photography Léa Gendrot
Designer It’s Not Your Fault
Makeup Rika Bitton
Hair Yolette Bouchar
Model Eloïse Labarbe Lafon

via mon Dieu


Tumblr Roll Call

I love finding new Tumblr’s so let me know if you have an account or if you have a favourite that I should check out. In the mean time, follow Commoner Creature on Tumblr!


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Fully Slick by Hunter Ryan


I hope everyone’s had a great time over the holidays with family and friends! I wanted to share this editorial shot by Hunter Ryan for Oyster Magazine. I love it!



Moonshine Got Me by Charlotte Eugenié



Make-up & hair


During the time I was retouching these pictures, a special moon was about to appear in our universe, one of the two kinds of Blue Moon. The moon has a deep impact on me physically and mentally and all this came together at this time. I can´t really explain why but I think it has something to do with me being a daydreamer and highly sensitive to atmosphere and I love to wander around empty streets at night; there is a certain peace and everything stands still.
– Charlotte