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Hello fellow commoner creatures! Today I wanted to share a brand new Norwegian label with you all that’s been constantly popping up on my social media feeds this past week. Designer Julie Blystad was on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe essentials, and as many before her, she soon discovered that finding crisp and simple basics is not as easy as you’d think. There’s always a little hem, detail, fit or textile issue that doesn’t suit what one had in mind. And so, Blystad created Julie Josephine. Spending a lot of time considering different materials so that the garments will fit the same in the evening as they do in the morning, she’s managed to create that t-shirt and that shirt in high quality Italian cotton.

The pieces look perfect with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism – staples in any woman’s wardrobe! You can shop the garments here. I’m hoping she’ll also develop other staple pieces like the perfect jeans, black trousers and so on.

Photography Lasse Fløde
Styling Margrethe Gilboe
Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer2Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer4Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer5Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer6Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer3


One to Watch | Sorelle

I can’t get enough of this NYC based jewelry brand designed by Francesca Grosso! She makes amazing earrings (and rings) that are both simple and statement-y at the same time. Her designs are really fun, playing with asymmetry, symmetry and geometry. I first came across her work through artwerk6666; an Instagram worth checking out, run by model Alexandra Marzella. Alexandra is the model of the FW16 collection lookbook, and a perfect fit for it; she’s a very strong character yet has this softness to her. Exactly like the Sorelle pieces. Check out website and Instagram – it’s filled with stunning inspiration!

Sorelle Fall / Winter 2016

Sorelle FW 16 Earrings1Sorelle FW 16 Earrings2Sorelle FW 16 Earrings3Sorelle FW 16 Earrings5Sorelle FW 16 Earrings7Sorelle FW 16 Earrings4Sorelle FW 16 Earrings6Sorelle FW 16 Earrings8

Via website ↑

Via Instagram ↓Sorelle Instagram

Meet Cheesedal


Cheesedal is a Korean online retail store that proves how important good styling of product shots can be. I’m all the way over in Europe, drooling over clothes that I don’t even think I can buy! The way they pan out the photography and styling is amazing – it’s as though they do mini-editorials or lookbooks for each and every item. E-commerce like this can make the customer stay for a long time – you just want to stick around and look at the pictures and be inspired. It’s much appreciated in these times when most online stores, especially the big retailers, do kind of drab product shots.

Have a look yourself at the website, or have a look at some of the stylish photography below!


And the winner is…

featThe annual H&M Design Award, created to kick-start the career of fresh design talents announced the winner of this years competition; Royal College of Arts graduate Hannah Jinkins! The prize includes not only recognition by important industry people (such as Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing and Nick Knight), but also a one-year mentorship from H&M, a cash prize of €50 000 and the opportunity to launch their winning collection in H&M next fall.


Her collection felt very workwear inspired. Jinkins spoke to Vogue about her collection and informed; “It was about mending things. I looked at Japanese processes of repair and the idea that things are more valuable when you fix them, so that’s where the stapling came from. In my research I found all this pottery that had been mended and on the reverse side you saw all these little staples and to me that was such a beautiful detail. So it became about finding beauty in pieces that were damaged or worn or broken.” vogue.co.uk


I wanted to use this opportunity to also give a shout out to Gabriel Castro, one of the finalists. I loved his work a lot and hope to see more from him very soon!



One to Watch: Marieyat

This woman has been on my radar for a bit now after first discovering her Tumblr account for her namesake brand Marieyat this summer. It took some digging around – but perhaps unsurprisingly – not many people do delicate, knit lingerie so the journey from google keywords to her site was simple.

Marie Yat, a Central Saint Martin’s graduate from Hong Kong has created a line of comfortable yet unconventional lingerie and loungewear. I mega drawn to this, as comfort is key to my whole wardrobe, including what’s underneath my clothes. On her website, she explains that the brand seeks to co-create un-compromised style, which is reflected in the quality use of silk and wool fabric with feminine lines. What is really lovely about this brand for me is that it’s so obvious that it is made from a woman’s perspective of comfort and style. She says the designs blur the lines of lingerie and unisex underwear, and she nails it. A lot of underwear is designed to be sexy to men – and all though there is nothing wrong with wearing lacy underwear, it is not the most comfortable. Still to me, the type of design Marieyat offers are sexy designs – they follow the lines of the body and the way they have been shot for the lookbook feels void of the male gaze, a concept several other outlets agrees with.

The lookbook itself is so beautiful – its colour palette is delicate and the composition is moving and empowering in many ways. It feels completely unedited, leaving the models stretch marks alone, something I can only assume is greatly appreciated by women everywhere. I’m really excited for her online shop to open this November, so stay tuned on her website for that and follow her on Instagram (it’s AMAZINGLY gorgeous, you don’t want to miss it).

Photographed by Madeleine Morlet


One to Watch: Colo Clothing

HARDCORE HAPPINESS! This Danish menswear/womenswear/unisex brand really puts a smile on my face! Focusing on wearability as well as having a social conscience, Colo uses strictly organic materials and keeps production within Europe.

A “faceless” brand, Colo was founded in 2014 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen – which also happens to be the fashion capital of Scandinavia. It’s also the place where you’ll find lots of happy people on bikes, which for me is kind of reflected in their work! The clothes are fun, light hearted and sporty. Their first collection, SS15, was even titled “Hardcore Happiness”, with printed tee’s, jumpsuits and even a pair of earrings with Ryan Gosling’s face printed on them. Wacky yet endearing.

Their second and current collection, FW15 (or, “I Love You On The Internet), is in spirit with their spring line and includes graphic prints and underwear as outerwear in the perhaps least sexy way. We’re talking long bottoms and super-underwear, common up here in the northern hemisphere. So, there is a good chunk of irony involved! It is their third and upcoming collection that I’m really down for – entitled “I Don’t Know”. It’s a lot more wearable than their fall line, in my opinion. The shapes and cuts are still sports inspired but very interesting, with witty quotes printed in unexpected places like on the sleeve. I’m in love with the crop-top jumper!

The designs are almost kind of naïve, which is refreshing. It’s based on comfort, revolved around ecologic materials and a counterpart to maximalism.

Check out their Website for more information, and their webshop at We Are Selecters.


“I Don’t Know”

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“I Love You on the Internet”


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“Hardcore Happiness”

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One to Watch: HAAL

Hailing from Sweden, Stockholm based designer Anders Haal and his namesake brand Haal have been the recipient of a lot of buzz recently, and for good reasons.

Haal graduated from Beckmans College of Design in the Swedish capital and started working for Ann-Sofie Back before resigning to open his own label in 2013. His work is quite conceptual, and you can tell he’s had interests in the past involving art and photography – the SS 2015 lookbook is amazing! I’m mostly losing my mind over his transparent shirt with doodles and words sewn on. It is kind of exactly how I would imagine the artwork I wrote about here to be if my dreams had come to life…

The story I read from the collection is something I find interesting. You have these bright, blue, almost preppy items, then transparent layers with indecipherable motives almost chaotically scattered across the textile, mixed with these kind of heavy-looking casual items. It’s like the 1988 movie Heathers come to life in fashion! I’m super excited to see more from him in the future.

 Have a closer look at the amazing pieces from the SS collection HERE.








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One to Watch: Maria Van Nguyen

This is going to be a bit of a different “One to Watch” post. This time I’m not writing about a label you can find and buy from, but rather a person that has been an inspiration for me for nearly a decade! She just finished her thesis collection and its companioned lookbook, a collection that I’ve been very excited about seeing!

Maria Van Nguyen is a Norwegian design student at Parsons School of Design in New York. Some of you might know her as the girl behind a blog formerly known as Vanillascented where she documents her life, and more specifically, art and design related content. Her esthetic is minimal and very “Scandinavian”; embracing functional, simplistic design. A point of view that has not gone unnoticed! Already in her first year at Parsons she was the schools winner of Fusion 2013, bestowing her the title of Best Designer.

fusion↑ Images from Fusion

It’s been a joy seeing how she has developed as a designer. Her work seems so effortless, and as I’ve previously mentioned on this blog; these are often the types of designs that are anything but effortless. About her thesis collection, titled Contentment, Maria explains on her blog;

For me I think that there are more important things to spend your energy on then fashion and therefore I want to make dressing as easy as possible so you can focus on whatever matters to you; whether that is relationships, family, growing as a person, work, travelling etc.

 I simply want to create comfortable, easy and wearable clothing for everyday so that you can go on and live your life without worrying about the small stuff.

I want to offer good essentials that are meant to be worn over and over again, which is why all my garments are based on classics that have proven to stand through time.

My concept for the collection, and also philosophy that I apply to my own life, is based on becoming content with less and making room for more that matters.” – Maria

The collection is beautifully photographed by Christina Paik. All images from Maria’s blog.

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One to Watch: WÅVEN

Denim has a long history, but also a bright future. Traditionally, denim was a central garment in male dominated industries for their durability and easy-care qualities. It’s a characteristic that still lingers in my head when I think of denim. It’s a bit tough and a bit raw, but can be softened and redesigned in the most amazing ways.

Wåven is the brain child of Anika Islam, who spent months coming up with the concept for a denim based brand. She wanted the designs to tell a story, for it to be more than just denim as we know it. After an extremely brief stint at Central Saint Martin’s where she felt she did not belong or relate to what the other students were doing, she decided to just dive into it and start her own company. Anika understands denim. Her family has been in the denim industry for many years, and for her it’s one of the most fascinating textiles. This definately shows. All the pieces looks carefully thought out – the dyes and the fit, the detailing and the shapes.

Comprising of considered men’s and women’s garments, WÅVEN is a modernist brand focusing on clean simplistic lines. Utilising two generations of denim manufacturing expertise, WÅVEN blends references from architecture, the arts, and geometry – translating these ideals into a range of finely tuned denim with perfected fits and finishes (Wåven Facebook)

The designs appears to follow the same design aesthetics and ethos I am familiar with; that of Scandinavia. Minimal, simple cuts that emphasizes comfort and quality. Wåven has a really beautiful expression of denim and other cotton textiles that is unlike other denim rooted brands on the market, and I’m really excited to see more from them!

Some shots from Wåven SS15 lookbook; shop online at their website.7

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One to Watch: L.W.B. by LIFEwithBIRD

This label has been popping up on my radar for the last couple of months, suddenly it’s kind of everyone online. L.W.B. stands for LIFEwithBIRD and it is the “classics” range, a sub-label if you will, of Australian based brand LIFEwithBIRD.

LIFEwithBIRD is a fashion label created by designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner. The former has the industry in her blood, as her mother was a successful designer, while her sister is currently working as a designer for her own label. Van Messner’s mother taught architecture at Parson’s in New York. McCall started working as a stylist and photographer, and eventually met with Van Messner who studied fashion design at the time. Together, they formed LIFEwithBIRD in 2002, and later L.W.B. in 2011.

L.W.B. provides a clean, crisp and structured point of view – a more classic approach than LIFEwithBIRD focusing on everyday basics. For me, there are clear influences by architectural shapes, and perhaps some from McCall’s time as a photographer. You can shop the looks and read more on their website LIFEwithBIRD.com.

L.W.B. AW15aw15 2 aw15 1

L.W.B. SS15ss15

L.W.B. SS14ss14

Designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messnerpeopleall images from their website and social media