SS16 Paris Couture Round-Up


I thought I’d do a little round-up with my favourite looks from the runways in Paris! Overall there were some really beautiful looks, I did however miss a proper “show”. As I’ve previously mentioned, the presentation that really got me looking at fashion as an art form was a show by then Dior designer John Galliano. While I agree full heartedly with his departure, there seems to be a lack of the kind of grand and conceptual shows on the runway that I associate with couture. It’s a bit ready-to-wear in some ways and I wish there was a bit more drama and performance. I think perhaps Gaultier was the most show-y of the presentations this year with out-there wardrobes and smiling, strong models.

Anyway, here are my top picks from spring 2016 couture; I hope you like them! 

yiquing yin, jean paul gaultier↑ Yiqing Yin // Stephane Rolland // Jean Paul Gaultierdior↑ Christian Dioryanina↑ Yaninavalentino↑ Valentinochanel↑ Chanel

Wuthering Heights⎹ Re-Edition Nr.2

Wuthering Hights
Re-Edition No.2 FW 15.16
Photographer Robi Rodriguez
Stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington
Makeup Sarai Fiszel
Hair Tomohiro Ohashi
Casting Julia Lange
Models Adrienne Jüliger & Frederikke Sofie Falbe-Hansen

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Life in Technicolour

Drake’s new video just had me dig up a Pinterest board I’d almost forgotten about. I love the movement of light; honestly just seeing the sun gleam through my window blinds in the morning makes me so happy. It’s of course not different when it comes to coloured neon lights. These pictures give me that 70’s disco feel mixed with some Enter The Void contemporary visuals.

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A captured moment is perhaps my favourite style of images within the vast and unlimited categorical specter of photography. Photographs that rely little on the environment and more on the individuals facial expression, the shape of their bodies and the moment they are in reveal so much more than any fancypants ANTM type of shoot. They are generally more enjoyable for me, and as a pretty basic person (no need to front) I can relate a whole lot more to personalized images that set a mood than a dolled up celebrity captured by the likes of LaChapelle (which in their own way can be beautiful as well).

This set is a pretty accurate description of my week so far, haha.

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❤ Inghild


The first week of class is over for now and it’s good to be back. I’ve got so many different ideas of what to do for the different projects that are coming up that I’m excited to share once they’re started up – one is a visual project revolving around gardens and greens in London.

For now, enjoy this fun video that Nowness made featuring club kids! I love the different characters and their dance styles, it always puts me in a good mood. It also represents what I love most about living in a big city – you really get all kinds of people here, and you can dress and act however you want because no one knows you. You find people that share your interests, that can help you grow as a person. It gives you a type of freedom that I could never find in my hometown.

❤ Inghild

Touch by Alina Asmus for SVA

Love this editorial found on Norwegian fashion magazine SVA’s website. It’s an amazing magazine and if you’re unable to get your hands on a copy they update their social media and website with the most wonderful stories, so check them out! Meanwhile, enjoy these shots from “Touch”.

Photographer Alina Asmus
Styling Vanissa Antonious
Hair Yusuke Morioka
Makeup Amy Conley
Models Emily & Vanessa /Elite Models


Viktor & Rolf Fall 2015 Couture: Blurring the Line Between Art and Fashion

The Viktor & Rolf’s presentation yesterday was for sure one of the highlights so far of Couture fashion week. The duo has created some of the most memorable runway moments for me, and this one will be sure to stick! They used art in the most literal way – painted and draped canvases and frames were assembled and deconstructed on models in real time during the presentation. Pieces were used on the wall, as though they were hanging on the wall in a gallery. I’ve seen garments morph on the catwalk but never have I ever seen this interpretation of art and fashion combined on a runway. And it’s so fitting that it is during couture week – when a select few, brilliant designers show their more avant-garde and exclusive work. Check out the video and images from the show below.

In the words of another brilliant duo; LOVES IT! What did you think?

4 3 2 12 11Source: Style, WMagazine

Round-Up: Met Gala 2015

Last night the annual Met Gala (also known as the Costume Institute Gala) was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. The gala marks the new exhibition and it is tradition to keep the dress code aligned with the theme of the exhibition opening for the public on the 7th of May.

The exhibition China: Through The Looking Glass showcases work from this great and vast nation. It also lead to a very dangerous dress code situation in terms of cultural appropriation, but it seemed most of the attendees managed to keep it appropriate (no pun intended). For me, the Met Gala is that time of year when celebrities work with designers and comes up with the most “out there” looks possible. Go big or go home! One attendee doing just this was Rihanna, wearing a handsewn yellow cape by Chinese designer Guo Pei, that allegedly took two whole years to make. Except for the fur situation, after having followed the red carpet arrivals live at 2 AM last night she woke me up and kind of shut the show down. I felt overwhelmed, in a good way. My other favourite outfits of the evening was worn by Fan BingBing and Lady Gaga.

If I were to attend this event myself (which let’s be real, unless you’re tight with a designer or have 10K laying around, it’s not going to happen) I would have loved to wear something special made by a Chinese designer without going into dangerous costume territory. I like it when there are nods to the dress code, which unfortunately a lot of the attendees don’t seem to really care about. A bit of a missed opportunity if you ask me! Here are some of my favourite looks of the night;

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I collected these through different sites doing live updates so I’m afraid the sources are a bit all over the place this time.

Diversity in Fashion; What’s the Big Deal?

The following post is kind of an Op-ed piece about a subject I care a lot about and that I had the opportunity to learn more about recently. Some of my coursework entails researching a free subject relevant to my degree. As I do with all my free assignments, I try to link it up to the fashion industry. One of the topics that I find not only interesting, but kind of shocking in 2015, is the lack of racial diversity among models, whether it’s on the catwalk or in advertisement.

Balenciaga models

I started thinking about this more and more after Alexander Wang did his much talked about line-up for Balenciaga FW15. Not only did a black girl open the show, but two other models of colour promptly followed. It then turned a tad problematic for me. The following models were mostly Caucasian-looking, before Non-Caucasian models entered the scene in the end. While it’s great that he chose to use the show to highlight a serious issue in fashion, if he wanted to make a statement, why not cast the girls as a fair mix of models throughout the entire show? Would this still be classified as discrimination or a problematic attempt to make a statement and lead the way for change?

Uten navn

I researched the statistical relation between Caucasian-looking and Non-Caucasian-looking models featured in fashion advertising. I chose to focus on the UK only and used population statistics from 2011 and British (published) magazines from 2015. I found that while in the entire UK, only 13% of the population were not White-British, well over 50% of the population in London had other ethnic origins. This percentage has presumably increased by now. In my magazine sample selection of 15 magazines ranging from i-D, AnOther, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Dazed & Confused, over 90% of the models in advertising were Caucasian-looking. This is clearly an unfair representation of a multi-cultural nation.


The advertisement above is from DKNY’s spring campaign, and it was perhaps the most diverse of them all and “helped” the percentage of Non-Caucasian models go up. In nearly all the different shots from this campaign, half or more of the models were models of colour. I did observe that newcomer Binx Walton (second from right) is in a majority of the advertisements in general featuring models of colour, so one can assume that the actual number of individual Non-Caucasian models is lower than 9.2%. When she comes from a minority group and appears so frequently, it opens for the question of whether or not it is a very small percentage of Non-Caucasian models actually being booked, but the selected few are booked over and over again making it appear as though there is this great racial diversity when there really isn’t. Not individually anyway.


Why does this matter?

I think a lot of small things in society that we might not think about, or notice, matters in the big picture. There are lots of reasons why Caucasian models are still getting over 90% of the advertisement bookings. One of them is that people like myself, Caucasian, read these magazines and don’t really think about who is being portrayed. If you look at it through someone else’s eyes – surely you would notice right away that your skin colour is hardly represented. I think for young girls it is crucial to be able to relate to what is put out there as an “ideal”. Not because I think standardized beauty ideals should be goals in any way, shape or form. But because as a society, these ideals are part of preventing those that do not completely fit in the “box” the same opportunities that others may have. Lack of racial diversity in beauty and fashion advertisement is a small piece in a much bigger puzzle that reinforces discrimination.

Today, there is a bigger focus on diversity, not just racial but different types of beauty is being celebrated. Individuality matters. I strongly hope this will continue next year, and the year after but it will take time. I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter. What do you think is currently happening, and do you have any thoughts on how to progress?

Forbidden Fruit

Happy Friday, guys! So far today, I’ve been on a pinning spree and listened to some laid back music – the weekend starts early for me these days (read:every day is Sunday) and I wanted to share some fruits of today’s incredibly exhausting labour with you all. 1