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Oslo Runway is in its third season, and loads of great looks were presented. Also, Oslo streetstyle is increasingly centralized as much of the international cover actually focuses on this rather than the actual shows, which I find both exciting and a bit frustrating. Another frustration I’ve had in regards to the fashion week is that it is barely scraping by, actually losing money because of the lack of public and private investments. As mentioned earlier on this blog, I really do feel like the happy oils days of Norway are disappearing and we need to start investing in entrepreneurs and other export industries. If fashion is a main export of Denmark, why can’t that be the case in Norway – albeit in some years time? But enough chitter chatter; on to my favourite looks from the runways!

all images via fashionistainoslo.com unless otherwise stated


Absolute star of the day! Loved the presentation (model in a giant hamster wheel contraption? Puns and jokes for days!), the designs and the styling.
images via oslo runwayFWSS Diemme Calajade SS172FWSS Diemme Calajade SS173FWSS Diemme Calajade SS171

Admir Batlak

Love the cheeky print!Admir Batlak SS17

Bik Bok x Oslo Runway Awards

Winner: Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards1Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards2Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards3Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards4Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards5

c.l.e.a.n. by Christina Ledang

I’m always excited to see what she designs and I was not disappointed!c.l.e.a.n by CHRISTINA LEDANG SS17


Love the greens in this colour scheme.Iben SS17

Veronica B. Vallenes

These designs are Scandi through-and-through! Super minimalistic and clean cuts.Veronica B. Vallenes SS171Veronica B. Vallenes SS172


I was pleasantly surprised by this collection; and want to dive into each one of these comfy looks!Moire SS17

Henrik Vibskov SS17

It’s the mere start of the Spring / Summer 2017 fashion weeks, and Copenhagen just wrapped up after showcasing some great highlights for next years summer wardrobe! My favourite collection of all has to be Henrik Vibskov’s fun and inspired designs. Subtly (and not so subtly) drawing from the East with patterns, shapes and silhouettes, Vibskov delivered innovative and fresh looks. I loved the styling – from the hats to the flat shoes. It felt gender fluid which to me is always a plus, and on trend for what is about to come. Have a look at my favourite pieces below – what do you think?


images via cfwHenrik Vibskov SS17Henrik Vibskov SS17 Fashion3Henrik Vibskov SS17 Fashion5Henrik Vibskov SS17 Fashion7

I also love these behind the scenes moments captured at the menswear PFW by Sonny Vandevelde

Henrik Vibskov SS17 Fashion4Henrik Vibskov SS17 Fashion2Henrik Vibskov SS17 Fashion6

Bik Bok Runway Awards Nominees

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion6Oslo Runway (Norway’s new arena for emerging and established fashion brands) has teamed up with one of my favourite high-street stores Bik Bok to give out an award for up and coming design talent. The award is meant to acknowledge and support the winning designer’s and nominees’ work, and the prize includes 100k NOK, a mentor from Bik Bok and of course having their designs walk down the catwalk in the next spring’s Oslo Runway!

I LOVE that there is becoming more and more focus on helping emerging designers in Norway, hopefully in some years time the industry will receive similar support and acknowledgement as in our neighbouring countries where fashion is a major export.

The nominees for the first ever BBRA are…

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen
Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen

Her work is really quite unique and in my mind it’s a cool mixture of officewear silhouettes unravelled and street wear impulses. She comes up with great shapes and textures that in combination looks so fresh.

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen
Camilla Reinfjell

Camilla uses a lot of woven textiles in her work, and with the calm colour palettes and big print patterns her designs kind of feels like a warm hug from Denmark where art and natural textiles go hand in hand.

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Bror August
Bror August

This is in my opinion perhaps one of the most exciting nominees, or emerging designers coming out of Norway in general these days. He is playful, cheeky, sensual and very innovative. Super inspiring and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Beate Godager
Beate Godager

This designer fits right into my Second Skin board on Pinterest! She combines rubber textiles with cut-outs or delicate fabrics to create beautiful and sensual silhouettes.

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Edda Gimnes
Edda Gimnes

Last but not least is this incredible designer who plays with dimension and size in a super fresh and fun way! I’ve aways loved a good cross-over, whether it’s is a cross-over episode on TV or an art-meets-fashion rendezvous (i.e. YSL’s Mondrian dress). Gimnes delivers a 2D-3D crossover that would make any old grump (like yours truly) smile.

Images via the brands’ digital outlets



So I have mentioned this before, but I’m obsessed with fruit and plant photography.  In high school, I won a photography award for a series of images I took, comparing parts of the human body to plant life, lining the images up next to each other to highlight the similarities. I just love how the colours and texture appear on a film roll or digitally created in a studio. In LA I stopped by the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition at the Getty and one of the rooms was dedicated to his botanical photography and they were just so. beautiful. and kicked my obsession back into gear. A lot of them were just up-close macro images of orchids – the stems, the leaves, the flowers and the textures look so interesting and sexy.

Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography1Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography2Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography4Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography3

Images via Pinterest


Africa Rising

Africa Rising Commoner Creature Colour Mood Editorial5

I absolutely love the colours and atmosphere in these images shot by Ed Singleton. The styling by Solange Franklin is right up my alley as I’m getting more and more into patterns, contrast and warm colours!

Africa Rising Commoner Creature Colour Mood Editorial4Africa Rising Commoner Creature Colour Mood Editorial3Africa Rising Commoner Creature Colour Mood Editorial2Africa Rising Commoner Creature Colour Mood Editorial1

Why Tyler, The Creator’s Show Was / Everything /

Golf WangOk so I’ve gushed about Tyler, the Creator on this blog before, more specifically I wrote about the new Golf Wang clothing line, which name derives from Sandwiches / his hip hop collective Odd Future Golf Wang Kill Them All which also spawned artists such as Syd Tha Kyd and Frank Ocean. Not only is Golf Wang a fab brand name (in my hardest stanning days I seriously considered adding Golf to my own name to go with my unexplainable asian last name), but I love the playfulness Tyler is pushing. It’s in my opinion ground breaking. As serious and pretentious fashion can be, he is doing the exact opposite and is unapologetic about it.

Tyler had his runway debut last week with his Golf Wang line, and it looked like a kind of low-budget inspired version of the Chanel supermarket show and of course the conceptual Yeezy shows. The show starts off with music and a screen displaying bright blue skies with white clouds in a very Super Mario-like fashion, before a sleepy Tyler wakes up and gets out of a bed and does normal morning things before hearing a knock on the door. He opens it, and the show entails with models coming through the door on mini motor bikes. The catwalk is reminiscent of a suburbian sidewalk, with green grass and sunflowers emphasising feelings of nostalgia and safety. The models are styled as average people walking down the street, with cheesy posing and it’s all very nonchalant and on void of self-righteousness. The one-hour long show includes skateboarding, skits, a Tyler, The Creator performance and a speech. It was a breath of fresh air to watch. I love it when artists mix forms of art and conceptualize it into something unique.

What did you think of the show?

Also, love this little behind-the-scenes video Vogue did of the event


tumblr_nxypy4hEsi1ql6djxo1_500Ok, so cheesy as it sounds, there are two ladies I’d switch bodies with in a heartbeat; Bad Gal Riri and Kiko Mizuhara. Not that I’m not happy with me – but they are so intriguing, fascinating and unreachable to me. Perhaps this is how a 13 year old girl felt peak Bieber-era.

I first found Kiko through some Pin-sessions and, I assume, late night Tumblr rampages. I didn’t know her name, I just had a few images of this completely STUNNING individual and I won’t lie, I admired her like Kanye does Kim on social media. It feels very superficial to feel strongly about someone you’ve not even learned the name of, but alas I started researching her more and found that she was a Japanese-American actress, model, singer, designer (all around hustler) who was about to start shooting the then-upcoming filmatisation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood which happened to be one of my favourite books at the time (still love it, I just never find time to read anymore). After seeing it, I was stanning hard.

Kiko Mizuhara Fashion Actress5Kiko Mizuhara Fashion Actress4Kiko-Mizuhara-Fashion-Actress-Gif-ImageKiko Mizuhara Fashion Actress6Kiko Mizuhara Fashion Actress1Kiko Mizuhara Fashion Actress3


Match Made in HEL

featI’ve never really considered Finland when thinking about fashion. It’s one of those countries that feels close to me because of the nordic camaraderie, and I consider it a super creative and WOKE country (for the most part). Even though street style photography kind of blew up after Hel-looks launched online (street style from the capital Helsinki), it’s been pretty quiet in terms of fashion news.

Which leads me to this pleasant surprise on my Snapchat story feed from yesterday. Finnair and Helsinki airport Finavia got together and created “Match Made in HEL” (love the pun) which according to the website aims to “celebrate Nordic uniqueness of Helsinki as the midway point between Asia and Europe”. In short, one of Finland’s biggest fashion personas Tuomas Laitinen chose seven designers to present their work on a 3000 meter long AIRPORT runway! Being in the PR field I really love this idea, from the clever title to the pick of artists; Chinese Shangguan Zhe, Swedish Anders Haal, Finish Heikki Salonen, South-Korean Hyein Seo, Danish Henrik Vibskov, Japanese Arashi Yanagawa and London-based Bora Aksu.

Images via matchmadeinhel.com

The DesignersMatch Made in Hel1

Henrik VibskovVibskov Match Made in HEL

Shangguan ZheShangguan Match Made in HEL

Hyein Seohyein

Heikki Salonenhekki

Anders HaalhaalBora AksuboraArashi Yanagawaarashi

Match Made in Hel4Match Made in Hel3Match Made in Hel2

Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2016

Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed7The annual met gala went down last night in new york, and it happens to be one of my favourite red carpet events. This year was a bit of a snooze fest in my opinion, especially compared to prior year. The theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and I would have loved to see more interpretations of this. There’s been sooo much progess in fabric, cutting technologies, 3D printing and so on and I can’t believe so few really went in on the theme.

Anywho – these are my favourite looks! Bella and Lea looked stunning, and Alexa’s sparkly tux was a the highlight of the night.

Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed1Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed2Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed4Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed3Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed5Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed6



I’m a busy busy bee these days finalising my last hand in’s and BA dissertation for university. I’ve specialised in branding and social media this last year, something that is becoming increasingly interesting the more I read about it; there’s so much psychology involved and strategic planning behind good accounts. On top of this I landed a great placement doing digital strategies and social media and it’s sooo relieving that I feel excited to go to work. Sometimes you think you love doing something and once you get it it feels different, grass is greener etc. but thankfully that’s not the case! Soon, job hunting starts and I have to start adulting (yikes).

Anyway sun is shining and in just a week I will have officially graduated uni! Any tips for a new graduate? 

images via my tumblr

Warm Fashion Trend1Warm Fashion Trend2Warm Fashion Trend4Warm Fashion Trend3Warm Fashion Trend5