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Light and Colour in The Sagrada Família


I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far, whether it’s nearing the end or only just begun. I’ve been doing some proper touristy stuff here in Barcelona and of course paid a visit to Segrada Família, a famous church designed by architect Antoni Gaudí which is continuously being developed after his untimely death in 1926. I’m really fascinated by his work which you can see throughout the city. Talk about a man ahead of his time!

My favourite part of the church (so far…) is the light and how it moves through the beautiful stained glass creating colour displays that are truly mesmerizing.



Wearing: Top, Skirt and Necklace (Similar) (Selected Femme) // Shoes (similar) Vagabond)


Lovers Lace: Christopher Kane Fall 2015

I first took notice of British designer Christopher Kane when he incorporated this really amazing 3D-Print of an angry gorilla in his Spring 2009 collection. By then, he’d only been in the game for a few years, starting up his label in 2006 straight out of Central st. Martins in London. He’s continued to surprise me. Naturally I gravitate towards the more minimal and simple designs, but his work is really delicate, yet humorous and intricate. It’s the kind of pieces you can look at for a good while as there is so much detail involved. After his realistic animal prints, he’s done fantastic structural work with geometric techniques, used galaxy printed textiles and even managed to incorporate some liquid gel-filled accessories.

This fall, his collection draws inspiration from the art world – literally and figuratively. It’s lace, bodies embracing one another, phallic symbols and strategically placed hands. When I saw British multi-artist FKA Twigs wear it for this years MET-gala, I was sold! The lace pieces remind me of a mix between Matisse and Egon Schiele. The other pieces featuring silhouettes of torsos leaning in for a kiss resembles the contrasting use of shape that the late Elsa Schiparelli was known for.

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(Images via Kane’s Instagram, Dazed Digital, Style, Elle and i-D)

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2015 Couture: Blurring the Line Between Art and Fashion

The Viktor & Rolf’s presentation yesterday was for sure one of the highlights so far of Couture fashion week. The duo has created some of the most memorable runway moments for me, and this one will be sure to stick! They used art in the most literal way – painted and draped canvases and frames were assembled and deconstructed on models in real time during the presentation. Pieces were used on the wall, as though they were hanging on the wall in a gallery. I’ve seen garments morph on the catwalk but never have I ever seen this interpretation of art and fashion combined on a runway. And it’s so fitting that it is during couture week – when a select few, brilliant designers show their more avant-garde and exclusive work. Check out the video and images from the show below.

In the words of another brilliant duo; LOVES IT! What did you think?

4 3 2 12 11Source: Style, WMagazine

Nadine Goepfert: Matters of Habit

I recently came across this incredible Berlin based textile designer, Nadine Goepfert! She was a student at School of Arts Berlin Weissensee and Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and her work is focused around the art of material rather than having the more typical “fashion” approach.

She experiments with materials and textures to create interesting and conceptual pieces. You can find the rest of this project on her website as well as her previous work!



images via artists website 

MDX Art and Design Graduate Exhibition

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I worked in the bar for a couple of days at the Middlesex University exhibition for Art and Design graduate students and on Sunday I went to check out the work. There is so much talent coming from young people. I think “newcomers” not only has a lot to say, but they communicate their messages in inspired ways.

The exhibition featured everything from Fine Arts to Animation. My favourite works were in the field of graphic design, photography and fashion. And for the first time, I got to try one of those virtual reality glasses where you have a 360 view of your virtual surroundings – and it was pretty spooky!

I took  a few pictures of some of the work. I loved the sewn text which I believe was in the Fine Arts section. Can you imagine it on the back of a sheer dress with an interesting cut? If anyone has seen anything like that, give me a shout – I’d love to see it! And the two stunning black and white photographs of the lady with the hat and the shadow creating strong lines also stuck with me.

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Recens Paper and the World’s Youngest Editor

I remember when Tavi Gevinson first appeared on the scene. Young and bright eyed, she had industry people fawning over her. But there were also rumors going around, claiming she had a ghost writer, that no young girl could possibly be as clever and savvy on her own. She wrote about feminism, girl bands, fashion, she took pictures of her own little world full of vintage clothes and gifted Rodarte-leggings.


Tavi comes to my mind when I read about Elise By Olsen, a Norwegian teenage girl that has gotten a lot of attention for her Recens Paper project, a magazine that just had its second issue hit the news stands around Norway. She is the creator as well as the editor. Some say she is the world’s youngest editor for a published culture magazine! In a way Elise and Tavi are similar; motivated, driven, they appear confident, clever. Not that this is in any way unlike the norm in real life, but in the media it is. Most of the young women that are given a media platform today will mostly encounter questions regarding their outfit or make-up, not necessarily about their talents, hopes and dreams. It’s sad but true, and this is why people are surprised to hear 15 year old Elise’s reflected thoughts on the industry.



The second issue is called “Explore”, and on their Facebook page they explain the content;

It feels like we’ve filled a hole in the publication industry, making this youth culture magazine, rioting against stereotypes and the fashion establishment. Issue 2, «Explore» contains young poets’ writings, fashion editorials collected from all around the world, collaborations with two of the most hyped fashion brands in our time, Acne Studios and JACQUEMUS, interviews with + artwork from some of the greatest, young talent Scandinavia can pursue.

You can buy the magazine in selected outlets in Norway (hopefully I’ll get my hands on a copy next week) and as far as I know they will soon be adding a worldwide list of stockists.

Images / Further Reading; It’s Nice That

Student Magazine Project: GROVE

As I have briefly mentioned in the past, this spring I have been working on a really exciting project that I’m happy to be able to share with you now. When I first started my BA in PR and Advertising in London almost two years ago, I was really interested in seeing what people in the creative courses were doing, as I’d never found myself in a study environment with a mix of various creative studies before. A lot of universities have their own magazines, papers or other outlets where students can come together and present their work. However, this was lacking in my university, and this year we got the chance to do pretty much any creative work we wanted for our final assessment and I decided I wanted to do a magazine made entirely by students; a magazine that would showcase creative work done in relation to my university!

I got a really good group of people together, and in just a few months we’ve been able to make our own magazine, named after the building that holds all the creative courses, The Grove. It’s been a lot of work, even more than I originally thought it would be as there has been a lot of internal organization involved. But at the end of the day, the feedback has been nothing but positive and I feel that I have learned a lot. Enough to be hopeful that this can be the start of a reoccurring project. I think what I’ve enjoyed the most throughout the creative process is that I’m becoming more and more sure of what I want to do once I graduate; I want to be a part of giving artists a platform to share their work, to work with PR and to show exciting talent to other people. And last but not least, being in charge of the design enabled me to further develop graphic skills and of course, make use of my beloved marble print!  I hope you will have a look at it, and let me know what you think below!


Jaune before June

Spring is in the air and somehow we’ve already stumbled into Easter! Because of university, my holiday feelings are not exactly present. Most seminars and lectures kind of ended a couple of weeks ago and now all that is left to do is to work on projects and final assessments. Needless to say my days are starting to blur together.

But back home, during this time of year, most people take extra time off work to go skiing or just to relax as the most clear signs of spring begins to appear; gorgeous tulips, crocus and daffodils fill the air with that special “spring scent”. So naturally, when this started happening I went on Pinterest to search for some fashion-meets-flora pictures and soon fell into a deep pinhole that resulted in a board with hundreds of beautiful photographs. I thought I would share some of the yellow-themed ones with you, as it is the colour of the season after all. Happy Easter, fellow commoners!

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One to Watch: Elisabeth Stray Pedersen

I am really excited to share this following designer with you guys! Elisabeth Stray Pedersen is a fresh, new design talent currently based in Oslo. Last year, she graduated with a master’s degree in Womenswear Fashion from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, as well as having previously studied at Central Saint Martins in London and worked for Norwegian based brand Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen. In 2013 while still in college, her garments were presented at the New Talent Showcase by UP [øpp] + F5, a great initiative that provides a platform for exciting and emerging designers.

I find her approach to fashion interesting. She plays with patterns in a really contemporary and fun way, as well as being abstract when it comes to shapes. The SS 15 collection shows great use of layering, creating depth and contrast with textiles that you’d normally not think to put together. Can’t wait to see what more she has in store for us!

SS 2015
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FW 2014
BA Collection, SS 2011