Oslo Runway SS17 Edit


Oslo Runway is in its third season, and loads of great looks were presented. Also, Oslo streetstyle is increasingly centralized as much of the international cover actually focuses on this rather than the actual shows, which I find both exciting and a bit frustrating. Another frustration I’ve had in regards to the fashion week is that it is barely scraping by, actually losing money because of the lack of public and private investments. As mentioned earlier on this blog, I really do feel like the happy oils days of Norway are disappearing and we need to start investing in entrepreneurs and other export industries. If fashion is a main export of Denmark, why can’t that be the case in Norway – albeit in some years time? But enough chitter chatter; on to my favourite looks from the runways!

all images via fashionistainoslo.com unless otherwise stated


Absolute star of the day! Loved the presentation (model in a giant hamster wheel contraption? Puns and jokes for days!), the designs and the styling.
images via oslo runwayFWSS Diemme Calajade SS172FWSS Diemme Calajade SS173FWSS Diemme Calajade SS171

Admir Batlak

Love the cheeky print!Admir Batlak SS17

Bik Bok x Oslo Runway Awards

Winner: Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards1Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards2Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards3Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards4Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards5

c.l.e.a.n. by Christina Ledang

I’m always excited to see what she designs and I was not disappointed!c.l.e.a.n by CHRISTINA LEDANG SS17


Love the greens in this colour scheme.Iben SS17

Veronica B. Vallenes

These designs are Scandi through-and-through! Super minimalistic and clean cuts.Veronica B. Vallenes SS171Veronica B. Vallenes SS172


I was pleasantly surprised by this collection; and want to dive into each one of these comfy looks!Moire SS17

Bik Bok Runway Awards Nominees

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion6Oslo Runway (Norway’s new arena for emerging and established fashion brands) has teamed up with one of my favourite high-street stores Bik Bok to give out an award for up and coming design talent. The award is meant to acknowledge and support the winning designer’s and nominees’ work, and the prize includes 100k NOK, a mentor from Bik Bok and of course having their designs walk down the catwalk in the next spring’s Oslo Runway!

I LOVE that there is becoming more and more focus on helping emerging designers in Norway, hopefully in some years time the industry will receive similar support and acknowledgement as in our neighbouring countries where fashion is a major export.

The nominees for the first ever BBRA are…

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen
Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen

Her work is really quite unique and in my mind it’s a cool mixture of officewear silhouettes unravelled and street wear impulses. She comes up with great shapes and textures that in combination looks so fresh.

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen
Camilla Reinfjell

Camilla uses a lot of woven textiles in her work, and with the calm colour palettes and big print patterns her designs kind of feels like a warm hug from Denmark where art and natural textiles go hand in hand.

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Bror August
Bror August

This is in my opinion perhaps one of the most exciting nominees, or emerging designers coming out of Norway in general these days. He is playful, cheeky, sensual and very innovative. Super inspiring and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Beate Godager
Beate Godager

This designer fits right into my Second Skin board on Pinterest! She combines rubber textiles with cut-outs or delicate fabrics to create beautiful and sensual silhouettes.

Bik Bok Oslo Runway Awards Norwegian Fashion1.jpg Edda Gimnes
Edda Gimnes

Last but not least is this incredible designer who plays with dimension and size in a super fresh and fun way! I’ve aways loved a good cross-over, whether it’s is a cross-over episode on TV or an art-meets-fashion rendezvous (i.e. YSL’s Mondrian dress). Gimnes delivers a 2D-3D crossover that would make any old grump (like yours truly) smile.

Images via the brands’ digital outlets


Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2016

Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed7The annual met gala went down last night in new york, and it happens to be one of my favourite red carpet events. This year was a bit of a snooze fest in my opinion, especially compared to prior year. The theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and I would have loved to see more interpretations of this. There’s been sooo much progess in fabric, cutting technologies, 3D printing and so on and I can’t believe so few really went in on the theme.

Anywho – these are my favourite looks! Bella and Lea looked stunning, and Alexa’s sparkly tux was a the highlight of the night.

Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed1Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed2Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed4Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed3Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed5Met Gala 2016 Best Dressed6

Commoner Creature’s Guide to Fall ’16


Although it feels absolutely dreadful discussing Fall fashion at this time of year, here’s all you need to know about the upcoming season!

After a long tirade of colourless garments (which coincidentally is just the way I like it), this is about to change. Though white, beige and black are still in the mix; yellow, reds and soft pinks popped up on the runways. Perhaps this will be the season to start wearing more colour? The 70’s influences are still adamant, and skin-tight clothes are a no-no (thank you, fashion God’s). The textures are soft, ranging from silks to velvet, while the big metal accessories break the “mushy” looks. I feel very inspired by this season, I’m not sure how you can’t be – the shapes and silhouettes are both contemporary yet retro, and the comfort level is HIGH. Have a look below of my predictions for the top trends of FW 2016!



Gone are the days of struggling to fit into a tight little number or looking like a member of the Ramones. Finally, oversized is in many ways taking over. While it’s been in the “now” for a while, the styling of it is changing; designers are telling us to layer oversize with oversize instead of the old rule of thumb to keep the bottoms tight while the top is oversized or the other way around. Now, I’m the first to encourage people to wear whatever they like and enjoy, but I must say I’m really happy about this look becoming more trendy. Because trendy = options when you go shopping. Just last summer I had a hard time finding wide fit trousers but I’m already seeing them start to pop up around London. Find a big coat to tuck yourself in with (Ellery), feel like you’re living inside a cloud (Christian Wijnants) or go for heavier materials paired with hard leather (Pringle of Scotland).


There was hardly a skinny jean to be seen on the runways. The three main silhouettes were varieties of the culotte (Creatures of Comfort), the wide and shapeless full-length pants (Tibi) and the awkward-length flared trousers (BLK DNM).


This season, shades of beige is used as either a nude/basic substitute (Each x Other), layered (Emilia Wickstead) or as the main “showstopper” (Hermès).


I have to give black some extra attention in this round-up. Many designers produced very strong all-black looks which is difficult to get right as the layering, textures, silhouettes and styling has to be perfect. I’m in love with the oversized Céline coat, the layering and long sleeves at Yang Li, the fantastic Jil Sander pants, the casual and undone look at Damir Doma, the low-key cyber goths at Dior and the chic and effortless feeling of Lemaire.


One of the main colours this season is red, and it was often used boldly. Pictured: Stella McCartney, Tibi and Alberta Ferretti.


As part of the 70’s revival, the turtle neck is of course a central look of the season. Either as a chunky type (Chalayan), used as a delicate layering piece (Christian Wijnants) or as a comfortable jumper (Yang Li).


I always found velvet to be a really fun texture but never really wore it. I think I’d go a bit more safe than the red look at Costume National or the pyjama style designs at Alberta Ferretti and go for a simple dark pants like at Jill Stuart.


I did a post on bum bags about a year ago and I’m intrigued to see the new designs they come up with. Of course there is the more standard version as seen at See by Chloé, but I think the miniature purse at Lemaire and the bag-like type from Céline are even more interesting.Bum Bag


This look can give you a tooth ache… Which is why I really loved the styling of it at Creatures of Comfort where they kind of pulled the cuteness back with a black turtleneck. Middle: Emilia Wickstead, Right: Monse.
Dusty Pink


At the end of the summer I talked about how Norwegian designer Frank Remme completely changed my mind on skinny scarves and now I find them to be really attractive accessories. There are a few different versions on the runway this season, The thick coloured scarf (Vetements), the choker type (Beaufille) and the classic skinny scarf (Francesco Scognamiglio).


Albeit a bit 80’s stripes and pinstripes were perhaps one of the main patterns for this season, often interpreted into menswear inspired looks. I like the coolness of the Max Mara look, the interesting silhouette at Jacquemus and the simple approach at TibiStripes


Speaking of 80’s… Big earrings are coming back with a bang. I’m getting more and more used to the idea and now find it really fun to mix oversized clothes with larger jewellery – it’s makes for this kind of fab juxtaposition of casual comfort and cocktail party. The massive gold ones (Véronique Leroy) are perhaps a bit too much for me right now , but the solo kind at Lemaire and the long and heavy version at Alberta Ferretti are really exciting. Earrings


All white looks are still going strong. The styling at 1205 was on point, the layering at Stella McCartney was really beautiful and the simplicity presented at Tibi was aspirational.White


Last but not least, yellow was a colour that really stood out on the runway. It was often used as an accent colour but moreso on its own as a real showstopper. Layered look at J. JS Lee, maxi velvet dream at Valentino and with sharp lines at Emilia Wickstead.Yellow

All images via vogue.co.uk.


Copenhagen / Stockholm Fashion Week Highlights


Fashion week season have started and 2/3 of the Scandi countries have presented their best designs to the public in their respective fashion weeks. I love seeing what comes out of Sweden and Denmark when it comes to fashion and design, it’s interesting to kind of spot the differences between us even though we all fall under the same design umbrella;  “minimalist” or “Scandinavian Minimalism”.

I guess Danish design is the more maximalist, it’s has this sort of velvety, luxe-bohemian Parisian look, while Swedish design is definitely more minimalist in every sense of the word. As of right now, I’d put Norway somewhere in the middle. I’m not sure if we have a special aesthetic yet that really differentiates us from our neighbours. It appears to be a bit more “normcore” but perhaps this is merely a reflection of the trend image today and the current artist/designer community.  We’ve had a lot of great designers over the years, and new ones are continuously emerging. Still, Sweden and Denmark have a bit of a head start when it comes to fashion as a business; which has to do with politics, culture, funding and support. So while we wait to see what will be showed in a few days in Oslo’s Opera House, here are my favourite looks from Copenhagen and Stockholm Fashion Week FW2016!



By Malene Birger

I really loved this presentation and collection. It’s oversized, draws inspiration from menswear without losing the feminine silhouettes, the big earrings…





House of Dagmar




images via vogue.co.uk

SS16 Paris Couture Round-Up


I thought I’d do a little round-up with my favourite looks from the runways in Paris! Overall there were some really beautiful looks, I did however miss a proper “show”. As I’ve previously mentioned, the presentation that really got me looking at fashion as an art form was a show by then Dior designer John Galliano. While I agree full heartedly with his departure, there seems to be a lack of the kind of grand and conceptual shows on the runway that I associate with couture. It’s a bit ready-to-wear in some ways and I wish there was a bit more drama and performance. I think perhaps Gaultier was the most show-y of the presentations this year with out-there wardrobes and smiling, strong models.

Anyway, here are my top picks from spring 2016 couture; I hope you like them! 

yiquing yin, jean paul gaultier↑ Yiqing Yin // Stephane Rolland // Jean Paul Gaultierdior↑ Christian Dioryanina↑ Yaninavalentino↑ Valentinochanel↑ Chanel

What Were They Wearing: Street Style SS16 RTW Edition

Today in class, we touched on a topic that made me think of street style in a different way. Fashion is not something that is a necessity for us, at all. We could live without fashion and trends. Sounds gloomy for someone wanting to go into that particular industry, as we all like to think there is a purpose to our labour. However, fashion is what allows us to be inspired everyday. It is something that forces us to perhaps think about who we are, because it is one of the first thing people will notice. So, how do you want to be portrayed? How do you want people to see you, who do you want to attract? To repel? These questions will inevitably make you consider who you are as a person. Thus, fashion is a part of forming ones identity, and what might seem so mundane and useless at first becomes something worth investing time and thought into.

This is why I love street style. It may be a circus of individuals wanting a minute in the spotlight, but the personalities of the people shine through. You can tell a lot by looking at someones stylistic choices, you can relate and feel inspired by just one photograph. Here are my favourite looks from this seasons city streets during the biggest fashion weeks!


6 5 4 3 2 1


5 4 3 2 1


1 2 3


1 2 3 4 5

New York Fashion Week Pt. 2

This is a continuation of part 1 which you can find here.

There’s been a lot of brilliant talent being shown this time around in New York so have a look at some killer looks of the last few days of NYFW!

TEXT2 4TEXT1820 TEXT1618




New York Fashion Week Pt. 1

feat. image Rachel Comey SS16

The Big Apple’s fashion week has been going on for a few days now and we’re about half way through the perhaps longest and most designer packed fashion week. There’s been so many exciting presentations that I thought I’d do a two-part round-up of it! Some of the highlights for me so far has been the luxe pajama/lingerie party (complete with bleached eyebrows) at Givenchy, the uber-cool boys at Alexander Wang and Adam Lippes beautiful and simplistic lookbook.

I’ve previously written about diversity in the casting of models, or the lack thereof, and so far my general feeling is that the designers have stepped it up a notch this time around (I might do some form of research on this later if my coursework allows it; stats over chats!). Different forms of representation is so important and I’m happy it’s being focused on more. One thing that felt like a minor set back, one that in some ways diminished my appreciation for the actual garments, was the casting at Jill Stuart. I’m always excited to see her work but this time around I was met with some models that were on the thin side. Of course, fashion models are slim but there is a tipping point in which alarm bells starts going off and they were chiming in my head from the very first look. Most of the girls looked to be in good health and I hate to body police other women, but it was quite unfortunate, and I’d love to hear some opinions on this! Have a look at the (otherwise beautiful) collection here.

Aside from this it’s been a strong week so far, check out my favourite looks below.



TIBI TEXT TibiADAM TEXTAdam Lippes Adam Lippes2



Top 10 Trends: Fall 2015

It’s mid-August, which means fall is upon us again. We’ve barely had any summer weather here on the west coast of Norway, so it feels a bit strange to be back to wearing woolly layers already. I do love layering though, and there’s plenty of that coming up this season. I’ve gathered a few key trends that I like and will look out for this autumn below!

2Monochrome is still going strong, with contrasting colours black and white. Black and White

Valentino, Protagonist, Sally Lapointe

3Dubbed “The Fashion Nun” by style.com, this look is one that I love. Cover up from head to toe in a single colour and stay nice, warm, and a little bit frightening! Cover Up

Protagonist, Lemaire, Valentino

1Wide set panels, reminiscent of the fringe and cheerleader skirts. Big Pleats

Sally Lapointe, Christian Dior, Wes Gordon

4Be bold and incorporate a croc garment to your look, or try something more subtle like a pair of nice croc textured loafers or a belt. And pssst; be considerate and opt for a faux product. Croc

Jason Wu, The Row, Sportsmax

6A wide fabric choker, or a type of dickie, was seen in many of the fall shows. The cooler cousin of the thin scarf! Dickie

Lemaire, Tome, Misha Nonoo

5Wether it’s a small detail on the sleeve of your jacket, or the focal point of your entire look, the fringe is going to stick with us for another season. Fringe

Emilio Pucci, Nina Ricci, Tom Ford

GREYLayer up in grey shades, or go for an all grey item like a maxi dress with long sleeves. Gray

Lacoste, Theory, Stella McCartney

8This summer saw the comeback of the off-the-shoulder tops, and luckily this type of cut continues through fall with the strapless dress. I personally love this look and can’t wait to have more options of it in stores. Strapless

Wes Gordon, Protagonist, Tibi

11The turtleneck sweater is big this season, either as thin sweater (good for layering), or as thick and woolly jumpers. turtleneck

Cédric Charlier, Sass & Bide, Leonard

10The ultimate comfy pants! I got myself a pair this summer and I’ve practically lived in them. Wide Trousers

Céline, Derek Lam, The Row