LACMA Museum 5Long time, no blog! I’m in LA at the moment visiting friends, soaking up some sun and doing museum runs. I’ve only been to the states once before and that was on the east coast so I didn’t really know what to expect from California. So far I’ve been massively impressed, especially by the architecture of LA! Everything looks so dreamy; soft angled corners, pastel colours, glass and cement blend together with the blue skies and palm trees. The effect is hypnotizing and makes you never want to leave!

I’ve also never Uber’ed this much in my life, haha. Distances are greater than they seem on the map and you need a car to get you anywhere. Coming from a country where much of our decision making is based on what benefits the greater good, it’s both refreshing and tiring seeing how everything here is based on what is convenient and what meets individual needs (such as everyone driving everywhere).

My favourite spot so far has been the LACMA museum (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). I’ve followed them on Snapchat for a while now, they have a really funny account that mixes their art and installations with modern memes (lacma_museum). Both the exterior and interior architecture is truly amazing, and I spent ages outside the pavilion for Japanese art just soaking it in. It deserves a spot in my top five buildings!

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Introducing Commoner Creature Cravings: Pinterest Edition

I’m excited to share with you a new concept for the Commoner Creature brand; a curated Pinterest board full of treasures and inspiration! I’m always pinning the latest trends that I enjoy and have had similar boards privately for well over a year now so I figured  might as well make a public one to share with you all. Check it out HERE!

On the board, there will be a key look featured with similar inspirational images as well as actual products complete with a link-to-buy scattered around it. I’ve done four concepts so far; Earth Tones, an All White Look, a Sporty look and a Denim & White Shirt look inspired by the latest post on the blog. There are also many different inspiration boards on the Commoner Creature Pinterest-account. If you’re not on the platform yet, it’s super easy to sign up by linking it with your Facebook – trust me, it’s addictive 🌾

I hope you’ll enjoy it – let me know which look I should do next!



I’m a busy busy bee these days finalising my last hand in’s and BA dissertation for university. I’ve specialised in branding and social media this last year, something that is becoming increasingly interesting the more I read about it; there’s so much psychology involved and strategic planning behind good accounts. On top of this I landed a great placement doing digital strategies and social media and it’s sooo relieving that I feel excited to go to work. Sometimes you think you love doing something and once you get it it feels different, grass is greener etc. but thankfully that’s not the case! Soon, job hunting starts and I have to start adulting (yikes).

Anyway sun is shining and in just a week I will have officially graduated uni! Any tips for a new graduate? 

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I love these little marble earrings that I picked up the other day at Topshop. When I wear them I get ‘Sussudio’ playing in my head, especially if I do a natural makeup look with matte lipliner and strong brows + sleek ponytail. Get them here (affiliate link <3).2ss1ss

Trend Watch: Granny Heels

Ever since Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s Roberta shoe started popping up on my Instagram feed and in street style photos I’ve slowly started changing my mind about “granny heels”. About a year ago, one of my  favourite fashion personalities Leandra Medine sported a pair of beige suede ones from said brand and since then I’ve been on the hunt for a more budget friendly version, preferably one that is not suede. Suede is great but not when 60% of your life involves rain and dirty concrete. I landed on this pair from JUNO / Topshop in glove skin leather and they are amazingly soft and comfortable! They have them in multiple colours but sell out quickly. You can get them HERE (affiliate link).

I think they look great with loose fitted and straight cut dresses, or culottes / cigarette pants. Especially with some run down cropped jeans!



Planning my Spring Wardrobe

3this post contains affiliate links ♥

ring from cos // earrings from h&m // coat from & other stories // lipstick from lipstick queen // pants from monki // boots from office // bag from topshop

When it comes to fashion I try to plan my purchases ahead of time. I have limited wardrobe space, I’m on a student budget and of course; my mind is always looking for something new. Figuring out the pieces that you need and that are classic is something I find difficult – because I always seem to find better versions of what I already have and end up with many items that are not being used as much as I would like. Especially in the winter when it’s cold, rainy and windy – I end up having a few warm sweaters and pants on rotation.

This spring, my list was and is; 

  • the perfect pair of straight legged, cropped black pants
  • fitted black boots with a raised calf
  • the perfect nude lipstick
  • a small black bag that works for both daytime and going out
  • oversized earrings
  • more dainty and delicate rings
  • a simple coat (not black!)
  • granny style pumps (post coming!)
  • black fitted polo


Do you plan your purchases at all or are you an impulse shopper?



Tumblr Roll Call

I love finding new Tumblr’s so let me know if you have an account or if you have a favourite that I should check out. In the mean time, follow Commoner Creature on Tumblr!


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If you could be anyone, who would you be? If you weren’t restrained by social and cultural norms, money, fear – would you be someone else?

I think people have the ability to grow into several different versions of themselves. Some of your personality is set from birth, whilst the rest is attributed through experiences. The photos below I feel represent the story of becoming someone, in the beginning you’re distorted and your next move is unclear but eventually you know yourself more and more.


5-Minute Beauty Look: Pink Eyeshadow

Today I thought I’d show you a superduper simple beauty look I do from time to time that I feel works well for both day time and evening. This look is made with just a few products and takes virtually no time at all! I’m a big fan of using products in unconventional ways. It clears up space in your beauty bag and allows people on a budget to invest in just a few, good quality products.

I often use either a pink or a peachy blush on my eyes. Blushes are rarely super pigmented, so they are easy to blend and work with for us regular folks. I love using this pink from MAC, it is a bright pink so you can really build the product to make it POP, or tone it down a bit like I’ve done in these photos. Wear it with some dark nails and a bit of lip colour to make it more “fall-friendly”, or do a natural look that works all year.


Central Products used: MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon (similar here), Dior Rouge Nude Lipstick in Esquisse (here).

For the daytime look I used a bit of concealer where it was needed, a tiny bit of bronzer on my cheeks and the blusher on my eyes.

 3 2

For the more “evening” look, I used a bit more bronzer, used some of the blush on my cheeks and a couple of layers with the Dior lipstick.


A Commoner Creature Face Lift!


No, I didn’t get botox, but my blog sure had some work done!

Not only is Commoner Creature now a .COM, but there is a new theme. I liked my old design but I was feeling a bit cheeky today so I went and got a new one. I love to post lots and lots of pictures so my old theme required a lot of scrolling. This one should be easier to navigate your way around and you can now visit the blog through its own domain name,

Hope you like the new look, but give me a shout out if you prefer the scrolly type of layout ❤