So I have mentioned this before, but I’m obsessed with fruit and plant photography.  In high school, I won a photography award for a series of images I took, comparing parts of the human body to plant life, lining the images up next to each other to highlight the similarities. I just love how the colours and texture appear on a film roll or digitally created in a studio. In LA I stopped by the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition at the Getty and one of the rooms was dedicated to his botanical photography and they were just so. beautiful. and kicked my obsession back into gear. A lot of them were just up-close macro images of orchids – the stems, the leaves, the flowers and the textures look so interesting and sexy.

Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography1Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography2Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography4Fruit Botany Fashion Inspiration Photography3

Images via Pinterest


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