Julie Josephine | Perfect Wardrobe Essentials

Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer1

Hello fellow commoner creatures! Today I wanted to share a brand new Norwegian label with you all that’s been constantly popping up on my social media feeds this past week. Designer Julie Blystad was on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe essentials, and as many before her, she soon discovered that finding crisp and simple basics is not as easy as you’d think. There’s always a little hem, detail, fit or textile issue that doesn’t suit what one had in mind. And so, Blystad created Julie Josephine. Spending a lot of time considering different materials so that the garments will fit the same in the evening as they do in the morning, she’s managed to create that t-shirt and that shirt in high quality Italian cotton.

The pieces look perfect with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism – staples in any woman’s wardrobe! You can shop the garments here. I’m hoping she’ll also develop other staple pieces like the perfect jeans, black trousers and so on.

Photography Lasse Fløde
Styling Margrethe Gilboe
Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer2Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer4Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer5Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer6Julie Josephine Norwegian Designer3


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