Meet Cheesedal


Cheesedal is a Korean online retail store that proves how important good styling of product shots can be. I’m all the way over in Europe, drooling over clothes that I don’t even think I can buy! The way they pan out the photography and styling is amazing – it’s as though they do mini-editorials or lookbooks for each and every item. E-commerce like this can make the customer stay for a long time – you just want to stick around and look at the pictures and be inspired. It’s much appreciated in these times when most online stores, especially the big retailers, do kind of drab product shots.

Have a look yourself at the website, or have a look at some of the stylish photography below!


5 thoughts on “Meet Cheesedal

  1. The presentation and the styling of clothes does make such a huge difference for me when I am online shopping. I have seen the most beautiful things looking actually terrible online and vice versa. At least I’ve developed an eye for whether an item only looks nice in the pictures or not. But it’s difficult to see whether something will turn out so much better in person.


    1. I agree, it’s really hard to online shop; some companies will use computer generated images (H&M), some only have one or two generic photos in which you cannot see how the garment fits the body, and some oddly enough present the garments in a bad way.


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