One to Watch: Marieyat

This woman has been on my radar for a bit now after first discovering her Tumblr account for her namesake brand Marieyat this summer. It took some digging around – but perhaps unsurprisingly – not many people do delicate, knit lingerie so the journey from google keywords to her site was simple.

Marie Yat, a Central Saint Martin’s graduate from Hong Kong has created a line of comfortable yet unconventional lingerie and loungewear. I mega drawn to this, as comfort is key to my whole wardrobe, including what’s underneath my clothes. On her website, she explains that the brand seeks to co-create un-compromised style, which is reflected in the quality use of silk and wool fabric with feminine lines. What is really lovely about this brand for me is that it’s so obvious that it is made from a woman’s perspective of comfort and style. She says the designs blur the lines of lingerie and unisex underwear, and she nails it. A lot of underwear is designed to be sexy to men – and all though there is nothing wrong with wearing lacy underwear, it is not the most comfortable. Still to me, the type of design Marieyat offers are sexy designs – they follow the lines of the body and the way they have been shot for the lookbook feels void of the male gaze, a concept several other outlets agrees with.

The lookbook itself is so beautiful – its colour palette is delicate and the composition is moving and empowering in many ways. It feels completely unedited, leaving the models stretch marks alone, something I can only assume is greatly appreciated by women everywhere. I’m really excited for her online shop to open this November, so stay tuned on her website for that and follow her on Instagram (it’s AMAZINGLY gorgeous, you don’t want to miss it).

Photographed by Madeleine Morlet


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