One to Watch: Colo Clothing

HARDCORE HAPPINESS! This Danish menswear/womenswear/unisex brand really puts a smile on my face! Focusing on wearability as well as having a social conscience, Colo uses strictly organic materials and keeps production within Europe.

A “faceless” brand, Colo was founded in 2014 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen – which also happens to be the fashion capital of Scandinavia. It’s also the place where you’ll find lots of happy people on bikes, which for me is kind of reflected in their work! The clothes are fun, light hearted and sporty. Their first collection, SS15, was even titled “Hardcore Happiness”, with printed tee’s, jumpsuits and even a pair of earrings with Ryan Gosling’s face printed on them. Wacky yet endearing.

Their second and current collection, FW15 (or, “I Love You On The Internet), is in spirit with their spring line and includes graphic prints and underwear as outerwear in the perhaps least sexy way. We’re talking long bottoms and super-underwear, common up here in the northern hemisphere. So, there is a good chunk of irony involved! It is their third and upcoming collection that I’m really down for – entitled “I Don’t Know”. It’s a lot more wearable than their fall line, in my opinion. The shapes and cuts are still sports inspired but very interesting, with witty quotes printed in unexpected places like on the sleeve. I’m in love with the crop-top jumper!

The designs are almost kind of naïve, which is refreshing. It’s based on comfort, revolved around ecologic materials and a counterpart to maximalism.

Check out their Website for more information, and their webshop at We Are Selecters.


“I Don’t Know”

8 7 6 5 4 3 2



“I Love You on the Internet”


3 2 1


“Hardcore Happiness”

2 1

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