One to Watch: HAAL

Hailing from Sweden, Stockholm based designer Anders Haal and his namesake brand Haal have been the recipient of a lot of buzz recently, and for good reasons.

Haal graduated from Beckmans College of Design in the Swedish capital and started working for Ann-Sofie Back before resigning to open his own label in 2013. His work is quite conceptual, and you can tell he’s had interests in the past involving art and photography – the SS 2015 lookbook is amazing! I’m mostly losing my mind over his transparent shirt with doodles and words sewn on. It is kind of exactly how I would imagine the artwork I wrote about here to be if my dreams had come to life…

The story I read from the collection is something I find interesting. You have these bright, blue, almost preppy items, then transparent layers with indecipherable motives almost chaotically scattered across the textile, mixed with these kind of heavy-looking casual items. It’s like the 1988 movie Heathers come to life in fashion! I’m super excited to see more from him in the future.

 Have a closer look at the amazing pieces from the SS collection HERE.








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