One to Watch: Maria Van Nguyen

This is going to be a bit of a different “One to Watch” post. This time I’m not writing about a label you can find and buy from, but rather a person that has been an inspiration for me for nearly a decade! She just finished her thesis collection and its companioned lookbook, a collection that I’ve been very excited about seeing!

Maria Van Nguyen is a Norwegian design student at Parsons School of Design in New York. Some of you might know her as the girl behind a blog formerly known as Vanillascented where she documents her life, and more specifically, art and design related content. Her esthetic is minimal and very “Scandinavian”; embracing functional, simplistic design. A point of view that has not gone unnoticed! Already in her first year at Parsons she was the schools winner of Fusion 2013, bestowing her the title of Best Designer.

fusion↑ Images from Fusion

It’s been a joy seeing how she has developed as a designer. Her work seems so effortless, and as I’ve previously mentioned on this blog; these are often the types of designs that are anything but effortless. About her thesis collection, titled Contentment, Maria explains on her blog;

For me I think that there are more important things to spend your energy on then fashion and therefore I want to make dressing as easy as possible so you can focus on whatever matters to you; whether that is relationships, family, growing as a person, work, travelling etc.

 I simply want to create comfortable, easy and wearable clothing for everyday so that you can go on and live your life without worrying about the small stuff.

I want to offer good essentials that are meant to be worn over and over again, which is why all my garments are based on classics that have proven to stand through time.

My concept for the collection, and also philosophy that I apply to my own life, is based on becoming content with less and making room for more that matters.” – Maria

The collection is beautifully photographed by Christina Paik. All images from Maria’s blog.

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