One to Watch: WÅVEN

Denim has a long history, but also a bright future. Traditionally, denim was a central garment in male dominated industries for their durability and easy-care qualities. It’s a characteristic that still lingers in my head when I think of denim. It’s a bit tough and a bit raw, but can be softened and redesigned in the most amazing ways.

Wåven is the brain child of Anika Islam, who spent months coming up with the concept for a denim based brand. She wanted the designs to tell a story, for it to be more than just denim as we know it. After an extremely brief stint at Central Saint Martin’s where she felt she did not belong or relate to what the other students were doing, she decided to just dive into it and start her own company. Anika understands denim. Her family has been in the denim industry for many years, and for her it’s one of the most fascinating textiles. This definately shows. All the pieces looks carefully thought out – the dyes and the fit, the detailing and the shapes.

Comprising of considered men’s and women’s garments, WÅVEN is a modernist brand focusing on clean simplistic lines. Utilising two generations of denim manufacturing expertise, WÅVEN blends references from architecture, the arts, and geometry – translating these ideals into a range of finely tuned denim with perfected fits and finishes (Wåven Facebook)

The designs appears to follow the same design aesthetics and ethos I am familiar with; that of Scandinavia. Minimal, simple cuts that emphasizes comfort and quality. Wåven has a really beautiful expression of denim and other cotton textiles that is unlike other denim rooted brands on the market, and I’m really excited to see more from them!

Some shots from Wåven SS15 lookbook; shop online at their website.7

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